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Here we will highlight the key issues of the campaign to make visitors to our site familiar with our position.

Good Authors Like Robert Stanek Matter
The Small Press in America and good authors like Robert Stanek matter. Its time to send a message to those organizations that think otherwise. We've encountered snobby elitism when trying to purchase the Ruin Mist books for our own collections and for friends. Big corporations may be able to buy their way into bookstores, but we don't have to buy their books.

True Fact #1
Large corporate publishers control what is stocked in bookstores and what isn't. Don't believe us? Take a look at Category Management used at Borders, as an example. At Borders, for the paltry sum of $100,000 BIG publishers can buy control of a category, such as science fiction and fantasy. By doing this, they then have control over what books are stocked and what books aren't.

Few Other Have Tried So Hard To Make A Difference
Robert is a strong supporter of schools and libraries, frequently donating books and time. He believes that everyone can learn to love reading, and children especially so. In his life, he's given so much to the community, it is time community leaders and members demonstrated their support for his work. 
People Talk About What's Interesting
Robert Stanek's Ruin Mist books have sparked controversy and been the source of heated debate since their debut in early 2002. Few other authors have ever had such a devoted following or such devoted detractors. You'll find dozens and dozens of fan sites dedicated to the books. You'll find fan fiction. You'll find lesson plans teachers have used in their classrooms. You'll also find people bashing his books for no good reason.

True Fact #2
Publisher's pay to have their books put on display in most bookstores. This includes front of store displays, table displays, the end of aisle displays and just about everywhere else. The result is that BIG corporate publishers sell millions, get 99% of the shelf space and the small press is relegated to the back corner.

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